Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service

Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service

Restorative Justice (RJ) gives victims of crime the opportunity to have a voice.

RJ facilitates some form of communication between a victim and offender to hopefully address the feelings and consequences that have arisen from the offence.

Victims of crime include family members, witnesses and anyone else affected by the crime.

RJ is designed to allow victims to have their harm or loss acknowledged, their questions answered and some amends made if that is what they wish.

Offenders have the opportunity to take responsibility, acknowledge the impact of their actions and to try and make amends.

Together, they can work towards some form of understanding and find a positive way forward to allow the victim some sense of closure to allow them to move on.

Considering Restorative Justice can raise a number of concerns and questions for both the victim and the offender, as well as family, friends, or others who have been affected by the harmful event. These can be answered by talking to a Restorative Justice facilitator who will give you an opportunity to find out whether Restorative Justice can help you- without any commitment to take part.