Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service

You’re probably reading this because you’ve been involved in an incident and Restorative Justice has been suggested as a way forward – something that could address the feelings and the consequences that have arisen from this offence for you either as the victim, a family member affected, a witness, or as an offender.

Please note that throughout this website any reference to victims of crime also includes family members or witnesses affected. Indeed, in cases of homicide, it is the family members who may turn to Restorative Justice following the crime.

This process is designed to repair at least some of the harm the offender has caused the victim. Through the process, the victim has the chance to ask questions and speak frankly about the impact it has had on their life,the offender will take responsibility for the consequences of their crime. Together, they can work towards some form of understanding, which gives the victim the chance to achieve some sense of closure or moving on and gives the offender the opportunity to make amends.

Considering Restorative Justice can raise a number of concerns and questions for both the victim and the offender, as well as family, friends, or others who have been affected by the harmful event. These can be answered by talking to an Restorative Justice facilitator who will give you an opportunity to find out whether Restorative Justice can help you, without any commitment to take part.

Restorative Justice and You

At the point our conversation begins you may be feeling vulnerable or hurt. We’ll aim here to answer your key questions and concerns and give you the information you need to make informed decisions about Restorative Justice and what you think will best meet your needs.

This positively focussed process is about communication and healing. Following a restorative intervention, the evidence suggests that whilst victims often achieve a sense of moving on, offenders are less likely to re-offend. Is this a process that can be helpful to you?

Restorative Justice in the Thames Valley

A Restorative Justice programme has been in place in the Thames Valley area since 2001 and is now lead by the Thames Valley Partnership (TVP), an organisation devoted to working for safer communities and supported by local authorities. TVP has worked with key legal and social welfare agencies and other partners to make the process widely available and the Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service (TVRJS) is internationally respected for the quality of its work, and the thought leadership and innovation it has brought to the Restorative Justice field.