For Restorative Justice Professionals

This section of the website is for professionals already involved in restorative practices, possibly as a practitioner, or maybe as a solicitor or police officer or in another role not directly related to the justice system. It’s also for those looking to develop skills in this area or related fields either as part of a career or on behalf of an organisation. Criminology students seeking to broaden their knowledge may also find it useful. In this section Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service (TVRJS) takes a step back from pure Restorative Justice to offer an overview of the wider field of restorative practices, and its role beyond the criminal justice system in support of the equal restoration of victims and offenders in educational or community settings. TVRJS believes in sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience built up over many years of practice and research and welcomes further questions and enquiries about its work and range of services.