Community Conflict Resolution

Within communities, harm is often disputed rather than acknowledged and situations build up over months and years, leading to cases of ingrained and ongoing issues between groups or neighbours.  Restorative interventions can be effective within communities to help release them from the continuing negative cycle of zero tolerance and help them find a way of living with greater harmony and respect.

People in conflict who are given a voice are more ready to listen to others’ perspectives and emotional responses, allowing empathy to develop, which can change the choices made in future situations. Learning and undertaking these techniques of conflict resolution in this way, can help communities become self-reliant and find accessible solutions before the more extreme measures of police intervention or the law need to be employed.

Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service can help communities resolve their issues through restorative interventions, but also aim to introduce practical skills that will help build longer term cohesive and compassionate communities wherever people live and work together.

Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service can help equip community partners such as local authorities, neighborhood policing teams and anti-social behavior teams with the knowledge and practical skills needed to deliver restorative interventions as an effective and value-for-money strategy for reducing harm or conflict.