Restorative Justice in Schools

Schools find restorative practices invaluable in effectively tackling conflict and behavioural problems, where situations arise around bullying, criminal damage, poor attendance and other contentions.  Timely restorative interventions can help schools resolve the issues of conflict at a fundamental level, which helps avoid situations of harsher behavioural management measures such as exclusions.

Evidence suggest that where restorative practice is embraced as part of a whole school philosophy and translated into policy, there is a major impact to be gained in developing more respectful and productive relationships that successfully address issues of conflict in behaviours and subsequently filter down into a more positive and effective learning and teaching environment.

Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service has a wide range of interventions that can empower schools and individual teachers to embrace the ethos of restorative practice and equip staff on a practical level to implement restorative interventions whether involving pupils, staff or parents.

For further information about restorative practice in schools or for a confidential discussion on how Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service could assist in a specific environment, without commitment, please contact us.